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During the Fall 2014, I took a class at The Art Institute of San Antonio that required the students to find a gallery, print and hang our photos, as well as raise money and put on an art show for the community. The class came up with the theme titled Remain. Mercury Gallery was very generous to the class and allowed us to put our show on there as well as bring in food and drinks for our guest. I was very nervous to take this class because of all the work it required and my time was limited since I was taking six classes. Since we had to step out of our comfort box, which mine is sports, I decided to finally photograph some of my dogs things - his collar, food bowl, tennis ball and so much more. As mentioned in previous post, my dog Boomer passed away in April of 2014 so now I had the time to photograph his things that carried so many memories that 'Remain' with me every day. 

This class was very stressful and full of drama – it was the biggest class the school ever had with nine students. We worked together to come up with ideas to raise money as well as help critique each other’s photos and suggest which photos should be used in the show. I photographed most of my photos in my house and my finals images were in black and white, which was also out of my comfort box. These photos hold a very emotional story behind them. The night of the show, I was not expecting the outcome we had. More people than what we were expecting came, fellow students, family, friends and even fellow photographers from around San Antonio that saw our invites on the San Antonio Photography page on Facebook. Many of the guests could relate to my photos and when they read the artist statement, some became very emotional and cried. I did not expect that kind of outcome from my statement or photos. It was very difficult to talk to the guests when they wanted a more in depth story about the photos, holding back my tears and trying to be professional. I made it through the night without a single tear but had a great experience. I now know what kind of hard work it takes to put on your own show if you do not have your own gallery space 


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