Shooting for ESPN - Rebecca Lynn Photos

ESPN is a U.S.-based global cable and satellite television channel that is owned by ESPN Inc., a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation. In November 2014, ESPN reached out an instructor at The Art Institute of San Antonio for fellow photographers to photograph the city of San Antonio and all the holiday decorations. My professor sent out an email to all the students and also talked to me about this opportunity. So I decided to call them and see what they are looking for. A 15 minute conversation changed everything. I got the requirements they were looking for and also found out they have heard about me and what I do with the San Antonio Spurs, so they were hoping I would call them. I decided to do multiple times of days and different locations of the city. I photographed the San Antonio Riverwalk, the San Antonio Skyline, The Historic Pearl and the San Antonio Missions

I experienced a minor setback because a few days before I made the phone call, I developed carpal tunnel in my wrist which made it very difficult to hold my camera. I was able to use my tripod for the night photos, but when it came to the day photos or days I forgot my tripod it was very challenging and painful to photograph. I got my first set of photos edited and sent to them weeks before the deadline and I ended up getting a photo up onto ESPN during the Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs game! When my mom texted me during the game saying she saw my photo, it made my night! I just rushed home after the game and rewatched the game just to see my photo. This experience took me away from sports, challenged me outside of my comfort zone and opened so many doors for my future.

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