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Beginning in April 2015, I will not have to return to the halls of The Art Institute of San Antonio. Life as a student comes to an end and I begin my life as a professional photographer. No more homework assignments, no more professors telling me what to do, and no more stressful finals week. It is a scary transition because I've been a student since I was 5 years old, now at 23, I will finally be done with school for good. It's scary because I'm so use to being a student, being told what assignments to shoot, and having the opportunity to turn in assignments before they are due for feedback to fix anything before turning it in for a final grade. I will have deadlines with no exceptions, no do over if the assignment does not meet expectations, and can't go to the editor before the deadline asking if this is what they are looking for in the photo. When I shoot for the NBA, my deadlines for the photos will be by the end of the game, so I won't have time to look them over or re-shoot the game. What I get is what I turn in. Transitioning to the professional career is hard because I will be competing with fellow students I will be graduating with as well as photographers who have been shooting sports for years.

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