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Every sports fan wants to attend the big game, weather it's the NBA Finals, the NFL Super Bowl, the MLB World Series, or even the Olympics. I never thought the first season I work with the San Antonio Spurs photographer would we make it to the 2013 NBA Finals, against the Miami Heat. The 2012-2013 NBA Finals was a life changing experience and something that I will never forget. I had the chance to meet many of the NBA Entertainment top personals as well as be at the Finals. Every Spurs fan you talk to will tell you that the Spurs had the series in Game 6 until the Heat fought back and hard to win by 3. Although I do not travel with the team, I did attend the Spurs Watch Party at the AT&T Center as a fan to enjoy the games with the rest of the city.

Fast forward to the 2013-2014 NBA Finals, I was still working with the Spurs photographer and the same personal I met the year before, remembered me and wanted updates on my photography and school. Nobody would think that the Spurs and Heat would battle it out again for the title. But this time, the teams were stronger and out for a purpose. The Heat was out to defend their title, while the Spurs were out for revenge to take back what should have been theirs the year before. Fans were in for a surprising series. Every fan was calling it a close series but a series that would end in six games. But I kept telling my friends and all the Spurs employees that I call Spurs winning in five games. Everybody expected nail biting, on the edge of your seat exciting games, but we only got one close game which Miami ended up winning by two. The other four games were won by the Spurs by double digits. Game 5 in which the Spurs played at home was amazing. I remember the environment was like a party, the fans were loud, and the experience was incredible. I remember seeing the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy before the Spurs won and I remember playing in the confetti after the game. To say that I was at the Spurs last two finals appearance is something I never thought I would be saying at just 23 years old. It definitely opened my eyes as to what it takes to get the photos of a championship game and it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life.

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